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Jyotish Gems

Clare Luard, Jyotish gemsHighest quality gemstones, selected especially for you.

Gems are wonderful gifts of nature that have been created and refined over thousands of years by the immense organizing power of the laws of nature. Wearing the proper gemstone(s) recommended by a qualified Jyotish pandit has been a tradition for thousands of years.

Gems represent the most compact and powerful expression of the intelligence and order of natural law. The knowledge of the correct recommendation, type, quality and use of gemstones is now available to create greater harmony in life.

Each of the nine grahas (planets) including the two lunar nodes has a corresponding gemstone. For optimal influence, each gem must meet specific criteria of purity, colour, shape and so on. A very small proportion of the gems available today satisfy the required criteria for Jyotish, and we offer only those gems that meet these rigorous criteria.

Clare Luard
Clare Luard

Please contact me for more details or discover more about Jyotish gemstones. You can also request my introduction to Jyotish by email from my contact page.

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