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Quotations About Jyotish Gemstones

Peter and Carolyn Hart
"We were both absolutely delighted with the service Jyotish Gems offered. From the start Clare provided us with a great deal of help and guidance on the initial selection of gems, the quality of which we found excellent and competitively priced.

The process of selecting and purchasing the stones by post worked very well and was very reliable and efficient.

In addition we found Clare's ideas for setting the stones very innovative and these translated well into reality.

From the time that we received our Emeralds and Blue Sapphires we have enjoyed the powerful effect they have on our daily lives and now we could not be without them.

We were extremely pleased with the end results and would highly recommend Clare's service to others who are contemplating purchasing their Jyotish Gemstones."
Peter and Carolyn Hart, Jersey
"Clare Luard provides a superbly efficient service with a very helpful human touch. The whole experience of wearing my Blue Sapphire and Diamonds is an absolute joy. I feel more balanced, harmonious and much more aware."
Tom Hanna, Belfast
"Within two or three hours of wearing my Yellow Sapphire I felt a great lightness of mind and clarity of awareness. Over a period of several months I also noticed that my confidence was unshakeable, with the result that I could effortlessly take on much more responsibility. I'm delighted with my gemstone."
Alex Springham
"I bought an emerald from Clare Luard about six months ago. It had taken me a long time to make up my mind to go for it - would it really work? Was it worth the expenditure? Once the decision was made, the stone chosen and sent off to the gem-setter, I waited quite apprehensively for the day when I could start wearing it. I needn't have worried. The effect was immediate and has lasted.

I am a teacher and a writer, and I noticed at once that I was thinking more clearly, and in a more orderly way, and that I felt stronger and more confident in both aspects of my work. I would say to anyone who is wondering, yes, gems really do work! Clare Luard was helpful at all stages of the process. She is very knowledgeable about the gems and their effects, and deals with the business side efficiently. I was also delighted with the ring setting that she helped me to choose, and ordered for me."
Dr Harriet Jump, Skelmersdale
Capt. Peter Herman
"Jyotish gemstones are good value - and beautiful too. Our Rubies were valued professionally at 20% more than we paid! And everyone comments how beautiful they look - yet we know that they have a spiritual value which is much greater."
Capt. Peter Herman, Hong Kong
"For two weeks before wearing my new emerald I'd been seeking financial support for an important project. The very day I put on my new ring the full amount I needed came in the most spontaneous and effortless way. Support was also there to fulfil all other requirements for the project. It has been the most exhilarating experience of my life.
Dr. Deborah Hankey, New Zealand
"Wearing my Emerald is a constant reminder of my true Self. Self doubt has been replaced by a silent and unshakeable self-confidence that says all is as it should be. I'm able to communicate and express myself much more clearly. Most of all I feel a degree of non-involvement which allows me to meet the ups and downs of life with equanimity, hence making activity more constructive and enjoyable."
Dr. Michael Antoniou, London
"I first acquired a Pearl and Yellow Sapphire in 1992 following a Jyotish consultation and recommendation. Since that time my life has been very positively impacted and favourably supported and I am convinced that the gemstones I wear have been a major factor in this. I subsequently ordered another Pearl in 2000. I am very happy with the quality of the stones and the settings, and I feel that this has been one of the most cost effective investments I have ever made."
Jeremy Hobbins, Hong Kong
"My Jyotish Diamond gives me a feeling of strength and purity. I feel a subtle field of blissful energy emanating from the finger and permeating my body. When I meet difficulties in life, I just have to glance at the ring to feel instantly more confident. I am also very happy with the beautiful setting Clare organized for me according to my special request."
Dr. Stefan Lagrosen, Sweden
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